Church of The Eternal Triad, Eternals, Trinitarians, Order of Three, Esteons


Circle of 3 materials: silver, gold, and godbone, overlaid with a pentagram, with a flaming eye in the center.


Founded by Esteos the Pure, the Church of the Eternal Triad preach that The Eternal are the source of all, the Eternal Creators. The True Gods are not like us. They are as merciful as the Raging Storm, as loving as the Beast in the Night, and as forgiving as the Ravages of Time. The True Gods are to be feared. They are Mother and Father, Creator of the universe and Maker of all, but They are cruel and uncaring. The Gods are due worship, like the king is due worship, not from love, but from fear.

The True Gods are Aion, known as Time; Ananke, known as Tumult; and Phanes, known as Life. From Time comes potential, and eternal possibilities. From Tumult comes resources, all that exists comes from the primordial chaos. From Life comes creation, love, the stars, the sun, and the world.

There are three Holy Principles, taught by the martyr prophet Saint Esteos, and preserved in the Three Books:

Timor Sanctus, the Holy Fear: Fear God, for It is due our fear. Do not aspire to know God or to be like God or Its servants, or to reach above your station. Do not practice sorcery or witchcraft, or attempt to speak to God or summon the Angels. That power belongs to God, and not to lowly men. It will only cause doom and horror and sorrow.

Vetus Nova, the Old Mark: Wear the Old Mark as a symbol on your hands and bind it on your foreheads. Write it on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates. This Mark is a gift for us, our safeguard against the wrath of God and Its vengeful servants.

Dius Bellum, Godly Battle: Destroy those who would practice sorcery and witchcraft. Protect the weak and the innocent. Fear the Angels and flee from them, for they are the servants of God and will devour mere mortals.

Customs and Practices:

Encourage the simple pleasures of the home and hearth: strong wine, good food, good company. Be cautious of strangers, for they may be angels in disguise. Forbid reading and writing for all but the priesthood, because knowledge leads to corruption. Enforce a strict curfew and isolationism because the world is evil and full of terrors. Forbid worldliness and travel to foreign lands, except for missionaries and inquisitors.


Drink a cup of bitterness to teach that the world is a terrible place, anoint with urine to teach humility, branding of the Old Mark on the forehead and palms of the hand.


In the Beginning there was only the Unborn Time, which is called Aion by men, The Ancient One, the Key and the Gate and Opener of the Way.

From the Eternal, hidden Unborn Time, in Unknown Darkness, grew Ananke, the Lord of All Things, the Beginning and the End, of which there is neither limit nor foundation, but all things intermingled as a Whirling Chaos.

And in this Womb of Darkness, a vortex of flux and unordered motion was drawn to the center of the cosmos, within, as a bubble in water, a single, shining sphere, with the appearance of a Silver Egg.

And from this single Silver-Shining Egg of Creation, emerged the Power, which in the beginning was called Phanes. And this power, both mother and father, was upon the whole universe shone forth, brought to perfection in the Chaos. And Phanes, which is also called Eros, presides over the Heavens, seated on the highest heights, and in secret shrines across the boundless cosmos.

She is the Eternal Mother and Father, born as God without body, with golden wings on her shoulder and entwined around her a Beast with the likeness of every kind of wild beast, Creator of all; for their sake he created the heaven with forethought for his children, in order that they might have a habitation and a common seat, which is Life. And as the Mother with a Thousand Young, she gives life to all, and from her come all things men, beasts, and even the Angels that men call gods. For beyond these True Outer Gods there are no gods.


Aion, called Chronos, Zurvan, Umr at’Tawil (The Eternal Life), Yog-Sothoth, Time, The Eternal, The Ancient One, The Key and the Gate, The Way, The Door, Opener of the Way, Chorazos, Demon of Dispersion, Lord of Knowledge and Secrets, Master of Sorcery
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Protection, Travel, Time, Evil

Ananke, called Aether, Nyx, Mana-Yood-Sushai, Prima-Chaos, Azathoth, Alpha-Omega, The Storm, Lord of All Things, The Beginning and End, Greatest God, Womb of Darkness, Dark Necessity, Gnawer in the Dark, Idiot God
Domains: Chaos, Madness, Death, Darkness, Evil

Phanes, called Protogenus, Gaia, Eros, The Beast, Shub-Niggurath, Yaldabaoth, Black Goat in the Woods with a Thousand Young, Lord of Two Horns, Baal, Son of Chaos
Domains: Chaos, Animal, Earth, Plant, Life, Evil


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