Realm of Eternal Storm


The Realm of Eternal Storm is a vast world of endless air and clouds. It is the realm of the Djinn, the powerful genies of air; and their genasi offspring; the ebon-skinned Wind Dukes; the winged beasts: giant eagles, griffons, manticores; the hawklike aarakocra and wicked harpies; the sylphs and avariel, and the ghostlike elementals; as well as other strange and terrible creatures of myth and legend.

Unlike the real world, the air in this world is lit with a constant twilight; there is no visible sun, only clouds and air as far as the eye can see. The air is thick, almost solid, constantly buffeted by heavy winds that seem alive, and the ever-present charge of lightning is everywhere. It’s a magical realm and all spells that channel air, lightning, storms, and thunder are enhanced. The clouds of this world are often dense — like stone islands smoking into the air, slowly changing. Gravity also doesn’t function like the normal world: inhabitants of the plane determine their own “down” direction, falling in any direction until they hit solid ground.


The realm is divided into vast hurricanelike storm systems that define the world. One such realm, known as Caz-Adar, or the Maelstrom Plain is ruled by the genie citadel of Oserian.

Realm of Eternal Storm

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