The Tigalasi are a large and disparate group of indigenous people throughout the Shattered Spine archipelago. They are humans standing between 5 and 5 1/2 feet, with dark hair and skin that ranges from golden brown to deep red and dark brown. Defining aspects of Tigalasi culture include art, legend, tattoo, performances, customs, hospitality and community.

Canoe tradition remains an integral part of Tigalasi culture, handed down orally from generation to generation. The Tigalasi believe they originated from a spirit, deep in the Sunrise Sea, and sailed to their home islands on a Great Fleet of canoes. The Tigalasi are expert canoeists and fishermen, and often travel for days in the open seas in nothing but catamaran canoes.

Ta moko – traditional tattooing on the face and body – is a rite of passage and a sacred art to the Tigalasi. Every moko contains ancestral and tribal messages specific to the wearer. These messages tell the story of the wearer’s family and tribal affiliations, and their place in these social structures. A moko’s message contains the wearer’s genealogy, and social standing and is a symbol of their respect for the spirits of the islands.

The Tigalasi village of Taha Pari on Claw Island was the predominant human civilization on the island until the arrival of Friesbergen settlers in Rodalia.


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