The World


Holy Empire of Basilia

The Holy Empire of Basilia is a powerful monotheistic empire that worships the religion of Invictus. The Emperor is considered the divine son of the one true God Invictus.

The Free Cantons

The Free Cantons are warring city states, merchant houses and independent nations that broke off from the Holy Empire of Basilia.

Aberri Insurgency

Aberri is the mountainous homeland of the Sylvan kernun race in insurgency with the Basilian Empire for centuries.


Shahadin of El Malaki

El Malaki was once a slave state of the powerful Sin Siwali Empire. Now, the empire is large and growing, fighting a holy war against the empires of Sin Siwal and the Holy Empire of Basilia on either side.

The Sunset Lands of Ashkai

Ashkai is ruled by an emperor from the Hungering Lion tribe. The ruling bloodline worship Il Ashaari, spreading the faith with sword, but many of the empire’s vassal tribes still worship the ancestral spirits of their people.

Despotate of Sin Siwal

Sin Siwal is an ancient decadent nation ruled by sorcerer kings and reaver warlords. FOr ages Sin Siwal has been entwined in wars with the Basilian Empire and El Malaki.

Kaal Kurai, the Shackled Stone

Ages ago, the island nation of Kaal Kurai was once a vast prison ruled by a powerful sorcerer who fed on the inmates. Now the island is a haven for pirates, criminals, and merchants launching expeditions to the East.

The Broken Throne

South of Sin Siwal, the desolate wasteland known as the Broken Throne is a cratered nightmare haunted by horrible creatures.


Khagan of Ikh Kurultai

Ikh Kurultai is an enormous barbarian empire on the northern borders of the Dragon Empire.

Magocracy of Xanathu

The Magocracy of Xanathu is ruled by an ancient and secretive order of magi from Godsgate, the highest mountain in the world.

The Shadowlands

The Shadowlands is a dangerous land, overrun by savages. The countless tribes of the Shadowlands war with the Magocracy of Xanathu, Ikh Kurultai and the Dragon Empire in the South.

The Frozen Lands

The Frozen Lands are hostile, arctic wastes swept by bitter boreal winds, where war clans launch raiding expeditions along the northern coasts of Ikh Kurultai and the Dragon Empire.

The Dragon Empire of Ryukan

The Dragon Empire is a large, powerful nation ruled by an emperor who claims to be an incarnate dragon god. Ryukan is at war with the exile nation of Kojian.

Celestial Kingdom of Kojian

The Celestial Kingdom of Kojian is the remnant of the Mandarinate of Tian Wa in exile. Kojian occupies an island south of the Dragon Empire and plots to return to power.

Hundred Kingdoms of Aranvidru

Aranvidru is a region broken into scores of small kingdoms, some still loyal to the Celestial Kingdom of Kojian and some loyal to the Dragon Empire.


Eternal Islands of Tuhan Tulang

Tuhan Tulang is commonly known as the Shattered Spine archipelago. Countless independent islands throughout the region and beyond. The native islanders who inhabit Tuhan Tulang say that the islands are made from the body of the dreaming God Alchura, who dreamed all the world into existence.

Dreamlands of Alchura

The Dreamlands of Alchura is a vast, uncharted land in the South that is said to be the resting place of the skull of the dream god Alchura. The land is said to be shaped by the powerful dreams of the sleeping god, and his dreams bleed into reality throughout all of the Shattered Spine islands.

The Realms of the Gods
Beyond the World lie the realms of the Gods and Demons. One such place is the Realm of Eternal Storm.

The World

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