The Mother

frank_frazetta_autumnpeople.jpgFor Hers is the secret door
Which opens upon the land of youth,
Hers is the cup of wine of life,

And the cauldron of Cerridwen,
Which is the Holy Grail of immortality.

She is the gracious goddess,
Who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of man.

Upon earth, She gives the knowledge of the spirit eternal;
And beyond death,
 She gives peace and freedom,
And reunion with those who have gone before.

Nor does She demand sacrifice, for behold,

She is the mother of all living,
And Her love is poured out upon the earth.

—The Charge of the Goddess


The Mother, The Goddess, The Gentle One, Magna Mater, The Life, Mother Mari, The Madonna, Queen of Heaven, Goddess of the Mountain, The Black Goat in the Wood with a Thousand Young, The Bitch Queen, The Church of the Gift


Antlers or the horned head of a deer or bull, or a carving of a pregnant animal, or a pregnant woman with antlers


The Mother is the goddess of Life. She promotes vitality and health by healing the sick and wounded, caring for those in need, resisting the touch of death, and driving away the abomination of undeath.


The Mother is the wild goddess of the Kernun race. She gave birth to all the world and is mother to all. She presides over the mountains and forests that shelter the kernun, and she blesses the people with fertility and bountiful land. She is said to appear as a pregnant beast with countless young on her teats, or among humans as a naked pregnant woman with a crown of thorns, or as a young feral child deep in the woods.

The duties of the faithful are to worship Mother Mari and her angels, free beasts from captivity, plant crops, create art, dance with passion, nurture the young, drink wine and make merriment, and engage in wild revelry and sexual intercourse. The priests of Mother Mari teach passion in all things, whether it is sex, war, work, or play.

The Form of the Hunter

The Mother is the same being as the Horned God, manifesting the violent side of nature as the kernun male deity of War and Death.


The Imperials crusade against the kernun, claiming the Mother is a demon goddess that spawns monstrosities and horrors. Imperial humans have warred with the kernun and killed or enslaved countless of the race in an attempt to abolish the worship of the goddess. Open worship of Mother Marri is punishable by death in any Imperial lands, and shrines are razed and priestesses are slaughtered in any conquered territory.

Other Worshippers:

The human Marians worship her as Mother Mari, the Mother of their sun god Invictus. The Cult of the Black Goat is said to be a dark Sylvan cult dedicated to the worship of demons spawned from blasphemous rituals. Any cultures that worship a mother goddess or spirit may worship the Mother under a different name, with rites specific to their cultures.

The Mother

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