The Dreaming

The Dreaming is the story of the world, its creation, and its great stories. The Dreaming world was the old time of the ancient World Spirit Alchurra and the Ancestors. They emerged from the earth at the time of the creation. Time began in the world the moment these supernatural beings were born out of their own Eternity.

The Earth was in darkness. A dead, silent world. Unknown forms of life were asleep, below the surface of the land. Then the World Spirit and the Ancestors floated up through the crust of the earth form below , with tumultuous force. The sun rose out of the ground. The land received light for the first time.

The Ancestors were like men, but were also like creatures and plants. They moved across the barren surface of the world. They hunted and fought, and changed the form of the land. In their journeys, they created the landscape, the mountains, the rivers, the trees, waterholes, plains, and sandhills. They made the people themselves, who are descendants of the Ancestors. They made the Ant, Grasshopper, Emu, Eagle, Crow, Parrot, Wallaby, Kangaroo, Lizard, Snake, and all food plants. They made the natural elements: Water, Air, Fire. They made all the celestial bodies: the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

Then, wearied from all their activity, the Ancestors sank back into the earth and returned to their state of sleep. Their spirits still remain, manifest by their dreams, living within rocks, trees, the wind, and waves. These are sacred places, to be seen only by initiated men. The dreaming and traveling trails of the Spirits are the songlines (or “Yiri”).

Alchura is the spirit of the Dreamtime; he created the Earth and the spirits. His power, and the Dreaming itself is waning with the coming of foreign colonists and their gods. Sometimes the Spirits manifest, while other times they are hidden. Sometimes the only sign of a spirit is a dim aura or faint footprint in nature.

The Dreaming

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