Humans, the Inheritors of the World

Humans are the most common and powerful creatures, and the base race. Ancient humans warped by the forces of Chaos are the monstrous nonhuman races that battle the forces of men.

Human Cultures

Kernun, the Beastmen

Ancient humans that made pacts with the primeval nature/fertility gods known as the Horned Hunter and the Mother.

Kernun Races

Tauren: large, bestial creatures with heads like bulls; also called minotaurs
Sylvan, or Tieflings: humanlike creatures with horns, tails, or cloven hooves; also called satyrs
Lapith: tall creatures that roam the wild steppes, with horselike or unicorn features; also called centaurs

Yokai, the Spiritfolk

Humans possessed by spirits, spirits who fell in love with a human and took human form, or spirits who have forgotten how to be immortal.

Yokai Races

Elf-touched, or Half-Elves: humans that wandered into fey lands or who were changed by a mystical experience with the spirits
Kami, or Elves: humanlike nature spirits that inhabit wild places
Hengeyokai: animal spirits that can take the shape of humans

Vaal, the Serpentkin

Ancient human slaves transformed by the primeval Great Serpents which are also called Dragons.

Vaal Races

Yuan-Ti, or Serpentmen: Shapeshifting creatures that can transform into human shape
Draconians, or Dragonborn: Reptilian humanoids who believe themselves to be ancestors of the great dragon Emperors.
Caetun, or Lizardmen: Bestial reptilian or sharklike humanoids. Also called Dajobasu.

Naefling, the Stoneborn

Rocklike servants of the Fallen God, known for avarice, ugliness, and great feats of strength.

Naefling Races

Uvandir, or Dwarves: Short, hunched, and often very ugly, but capable of crafting great works of beauty.
Jotun, or Half-Orcs: barbaric bestial creatures known for great strength, and fierce enemies of the dwarves. Also called Nawao.

Pecchen, the Smallfolk

Small and mysterious creatures that live in dark forests or hidden glens

Pecchen Races

Menehune, or Halflings: Small, primitive creatures that live far away from humans, also called pygmies
Korobokuru, or Gnomes: Small elusive, magical creatures that dwell deep in the forests.


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