The crablike k’kin inhabit coastal waters, hunting fish and gathering food. A typical creature stands about 7 feet tall. They speak their own language of clicks and gestures, and some can speak a few words in the human trade tongue.

Evolutionary offshoots of giant crabs, the k’kin developed an upright stance and articulate feeder limbs that have led to technological and cultural advancement. Adept crafters and skilled geomancers, the k’kin once commanded a vast island archipelago that was sundered in the catastrophe that created the Shattered Spine. Now most are primitive tribes people, though a few civilized k’kin still exist in small enclaves in the Razor Sea.

K’kin make their homes in sea caves and coastal cliffs, venturing forth occasionally in search of food. They spend most of their time hunting, filtering algae for food, or scavenging the shores and beaches. Most live in coastal caves, but some communities will excavate more expansive burrows into the cliff face. K’kin occasionally engage in commerce with other humanoid communities around them, including other k’kin tribes. K’kin artisans produce only ephemeral goods made of driftwood, shells, and seaweed, and are quite capable of producing what other more aesthetic races would call works of art.

Able to fight with both their pincers and weapons held in their feeder limbs, the k’kin are feared adversaries, combining armored defense with multi-limbed maneuverability. The k’kin have lost the water dependence
of their ancestors and can function just as well on land as in the water, making them valued ocean and island guides. By nature a cautious and peaceful race, the k’kin battle slaves and the feared barnacle-covered
monk Shellblade mercenaries give the k’kin a dangerous reputation.


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