Invictus, Deus, The Church of The Unconquered Sun, The Imperial Church


A golden sun with the form of a human body within.


Invictus is the One True God sole creator of all, the Sun in the sky and the giver of life. He is the bringer of light and the destroyer of darkness. He destroys the false gods and protects the faithful. Through the fall of His son, Eous, mankind can experience divinity, bound in an unbreakable vow through Caelus Aeternus, God’s adopted heir and the lineage of the divine, the Emperor. As children of the Emperor all Imperials can join the Sun after death.

Worship the Emperor as the high priest, Messenger of God, and Heir to the Divine. Fight the enemies of the empire, the heretics, the heathen, and the practitioners of witchcraft and sorcery. Honor justice and law, rule the weak justly, and be prosperous.


God created all, and watches over the world and all its inhabitants. He created the moon as his consort and the stars as his countless eyes in the sky, to watch as he sleeps.

God’s firstborn son Eous disobeyed his orders and flew too close to the earth, the godling fell, scorching the earth and creating the Great Sand Sea. Angered at the folly of his Son, God turned his face from mankind, and the world was covered with a great age of darkness. Ice covered all the earth but the Great Sand Sea where Eous lay.

For God was saddened by the loss of his son, but his Son’s failure was unforgivable. Only Eous could come to the Father, so Eous lay on earth in the desert for a thousand ages. In that age of darkness men practiced wicked sorcery and worshiped strange and evil gods from beyond the veil of the stars.

When the time was right, a just and noble man named Mithris was led by a vision to the place Eous lay. There in the wastes lay the Godstone, the body of Eous. Mithris kissed the black stone, and the spirit of Eous was reborn within Mithris, and he took the name Caelus, which means Lord of the Sky. Eous-Caelus then saw the ways of men, and how wicked they had become, and he gathered a tribe of faithful men to the worship of the true God.

In the name of the one true God, Caelus conquered the heathens and burnt their sorcerers, and lay ruin to their villages; he put the men to the sword, and slaughtered their cattle, salted their fields, and took their women and children as slaves. He conquered the beastmen of Asteri, and utterly destroyed their homes and fields. He conquered the beastmen of Lapith, and slaughtered the monstrosities. And he united the tribes of men, and built the mighty empire of Basilia.

And God saw the works he had created, and he blessed Caelus, and adopted him as his son, drawing him into heaven to rule with him. And God made a promise that the children of Caelus would be spared from his wrath, and winter would never return to the lands of the true worshipers of the Unconquered Sun. To this day, the Emperor rules as the rightful heir to Caelus, and the Speaker of the one true God.


Invictus, called Sol Invictus, The Unconquered Sun, the Sun, the Light of the World, Helios, Hyperion, The One True God
Holy Day: Dies Natalis (birth of the unconquerable sun)

Eous, called The Firstborn, The Fallen, The Morningstar, Heosphorus, Dawnbringer, Phaeton, Lucifer, Firstborn of Heaven
Fell from heaven in his folly and burnt the earth, bringing about an Age of Darkness and the rise of sorcery, but also creating a divinity in mankind through Caelus.

Caelus Aeternus, called The Light Made Flesh, Oathmaker, Mithris, Theseus
Human who found where Eous fell, and received his power and the blessing of Invictus. Conquered the Tauren and Lapith people, and defeated the sorcerer-kings.

Imperator Invictus, called Heir of Glory, The Unconquered Emperor, Inter Aequalus, First Among Men, The Divine Man, Oathkeeper, The Speaker, Pontifex Maximus, Heir of Caelus
Eldest male true descendent of Divine Caelus, divine ruler of the Empire, and savior of mankind. Through the Emperor all men can achieve the divine promise that Invictus made with Caelus Aeternus.


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