Claw Island


Claw Island, or Maikuku, is a small tropical island near the western edge of the Shattered Spine archipelago. It is situated nearly equidistant between Imperial Temperos and the Dreamlands of Alchura.


With heavy rainfall, the island is covered in green, lush vegetation. The heavy rainfall provides abundant fresh water and waterfalls. The largest of these waterfalls is a series of cascades located near the center of the island. There are also hot springs on the eastern side of the island, which are sacred to the Hangareka. Volcanic activity is common in the region, with an ever-present danger of a major eruption; a recent nearby undersea eruption occurred three years past.

With its tropical forests, the island has many plant and animal species, including many monstrous creatures and even a few large dinosaurs. The region is rich in sea life, with many molluscs and fish, many of which are toxic to humans. Saltwater crocodiles live in the Salt Marshes on the Western side of the island.

The island is notable on maps of Westerners only for the colony of Rodalia, settled by religious puritans from Friesberg. The colony was established 10 years ago, but all contact was lost a few years ago. The Eastern Free Emporium is planning an expedition to the island, but cannot gather financial support while the Imperial blockade continues.


Human populations include the native Tigalasi village of Taha Pari, a tribe of nomadic Hangareka, which includes both Kernun and Tigalasi humans near the eastern coast, the survivors of the lost colony of Rodalia, and a few shipwreck survivors who remain as guests of the Tigalasi in Taha Pari.

K’kin crabmen are indigenous to the islands in this region, and the sandstone cliffs are peppered with their caves throughout the islands. Some scholars believe that the K’kin had once formed a vast empire above and below the sea, but much of whatever power they held has now diminished. The crabmen are very hostile to other species, and their strange glyphs are indecipherable to most humans.

At least one tribe of lizard men dwells in the Salt Marshes on the western edge of the island. The lizard men and the humans (natives and colonists) are extremely hostile and usually kill each other on sight. As a result, little is known about these tribes, but if they follow the ways of most lizard tribes, they worship their Vaal ancestors and the serpent god they claim is their progenitor.

The jungles in the interior of the island are home to Monkey Goblins. Little is known of them, or what level of culture they have. They are able to use crude tools and fashion primitive snares and traps, but there has been no communication since they eat any humans they come in contact with, and captured monkey goblins die quickly in captivity.

Claw Island

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