Maelstrom Plain


The Maelstrom Plain is a land made of lightning-charged whirling storm, one of many huge storm-nations in the Realm of Eternal Storm. The ground is always shifting, dense like stone in some parts and thin in others, where it is just fog and steam. The air shakes with thunder, and giant bolts of lightning course across the ground. In truth, it is the eye of the giant storm system the djinn call Caz-Adar, and they seem to worship it like a god.

In the center of the tempest, the genie citadel of Oserian floats in the calm air, surrounded by the distant twinkling lights of towns or fortresses, and floating islands of cloud in the air beyond the city.

As you near the edge of Caz-Adar, the winds grow fiercer, and the fog thicker, until you reach The Edge, a roiling mass of asteroidlike cloudrock. The Edge is a lawless and dangerous place, where untamed monsters, rebels, and pirates prey on the weak. Among the asteroids is the Rock of Bral, the independent stronghold of the renegade genie Prince Andru. The Rock of Bral is independent of the Elemental Caliphs, and all creatures are welcome that obey the laws of the city.

Maelstrom Plain

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