The Cock Bangles

Light single masted sailing boat


This light sailing boat was the tender for the Twice Damned Fortune. It has room for 15 passengers and oars for 12.

This small ship is a single-masted sailboat, like a pinnace, dhow, or longboat. It is made of light pine and is 40’ long from bow to stern.

Sailing requires a navigator to man the helm, two riggers, and one other crewman.

Type: Pinnace
Value: 3000 silver
Tonnage: 12
Cargo: 6 tons
Length: 40’
Hull Points: 5
Speed: 24 miles/day (sailing), 18 miles/day (rowing)
Min. Crew: 4 (10 rowing)
Max Passengers: 16


The Cock Bangles

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