Lord Dartuun

Governor of the colony of Rodalia and leader of the cultists


A tall and imposing man prone to moodiness and violent outbreaks.


Baron Dartuun was sent to Rodalia after losing the Friesberg city of Matfort to the Imperials. On arrival on Taha Pari, the governor had a large and imposing castle built above Rodalia. Dartuun successfully defended the colony against initial attacks by hostile lizardmen, but the creatures are rumored to be building an army in their swamps. He also managed to alienate the native Tigalasi villagers who refused to trade with the intruders.

During construction of the lighthouse south of the town, Dartuun spent more and more time at the construction site. The governor’s temperament changed drastically, and he became obsessed with the ruins discovered under the lighthouse. Before Father Vasay left the town, he heard rumors that the governor and his soldiers had shut himself up in the tunnels beneath the lighthouse, and was beginning to act strangely.

Lord Dartuun

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