Father Vasay

Missionary of the Eternal Triad


Father Vasay is a missionary priest of the Eternal Triad. He left the colony of Rodalia before it was destroyed and is currently living in the Tigalasi village of Taha Pari as a guest of the chieftain.


Little is known about Father Vasay, except that he traveled from the Free Canton of Friesburg to the colony of Rodalia. According to the missionary, the Tigalasi people requested help recovering from poisons contracted by a lizard men raid. Father Vasay traveled north through the hostile jungle to Taha Pari. While he was gone, Lord Dartuun and his followers went mad, attacked the colonists, sacked Rodalia, and traveled to the old lighthouse where they have set up their compound.

Allies and Affiliations
Known Enemies or Hostilities
  • Opposes the Dark Gods and is extremely distrustful of sorcery and witchcraft
  • You have heard murmuring from villagers that the shaman Moana is very angry with Father Vasay for converting Tigalasi villagers to the Eternal Triad.
Interactions with the Party

Father Vasay has asked for markings of the glyphs recovered from the caves of the K’kin.

Father Vasay

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