Tall human warrior priest


Holy warrior from the desert kingdom of El Malaki.

Background: Haunted

Bagoyd was a farmer eeking out a living raising livestock in the deserts of El Malaki. His life was tough, but he and his wife Loreg were happy living simple. Once when he was driving a herd to market, undead creatures raided his farm from the desert, killing what was left of his stock and turning his wife into a monster. He returned from the market to find his homestead ravaged and his wife feeding on rotting goats’ heads. Barely escaping with his own life after he discovered the scene, he sought the help of a local cleric. They managed to destroy the creatures that turned his wife, and Bagoyd had to turn away as the cleric burned his wife with the fire of Il Ashaari and destroyed her too. He was counseled by friends after the dust settled, and learned of other clerics in the distant land of Kaal Kurai resurrecting people from the dead after they had been destroyed. He gave his life over to the service of Il Ashaari, vowing to rid the world of undead abominations and hoping to one day gain enough power to restore his wife to his side. Taking what was left of his final sale at the market, he abandoned his farm and struck out into the world to seek the knowledge and fortune it would require to return her from the dead.

His life was torn apart by the horrible event that leaves him haunted and wracked by nightmares. During battle or in the dark of night, the ghost of his dead wife visits him, bringing him back to the horrific maddening scene where he found her. He was profoundly changed that night, and is fueled by a burning hate of the undead and an obsession with power that will return her back to him. He draws his strength from the traditions of his people and his devout faith from the all-consuming burning fire of Il Ashaari.

Ideal: The fire of Il Ashaari is pure and true. All must be tested in the fire to prove true and righteous.

Bond: I have searched for the ritual that will bring back my wife. I hate the undead that took her from me and will work to eliminate them from the world.

Flaw: I’m haunted by the presence of my wife. I will often hear her voice or see her image late at night, in stressful situations, or among the unholy abominations that she is still linked to.


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