Shattered Spine

Session 9

Against the Cult of the Living Eyes

“For those who missed it, we had an AWESOME campaign last night. We killed some weird living-mouth-tongue guys, charmed a bunch of human sacrificees (and then accidentally sent them to their death anyway), got attacked by a giant spider and a million of her offspring, burned down a tower— possibly a whole village—and loaded up on a shitload of treasure and a ton of XP. A couple of the pimp pirate minions died, but the toughest ones are still going. AND apparently we inadvertently adopted a 3-year old girl. We’re going to train her to be some sort of child assassin.” Steve Wahlin

PCs: Ro-Jan, Unikanga, Wetface
Retainers: Terikus Funk, Darius Beringer, “Velvet” Alistar, Mika One-armed, Simone Borres, Tekil Halim, Ossum Kass

Location: Old Lighthouse

People/Monsters Encountered: Cultist Guards, Cultist women and children


sethnwhite sethnwhite

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