Shattered Spine

Session 14

Beyond the Living Darkness

The party explores deeper into the tunnels beneath the lighthouse, unearthing what appears to be an ancient buried temple. There, they fight more cultists, and discover a secret door to a forgotten shrine that glows with light like the midday sun. Bagoyd determines that it’s a shrine to the Sun God, though the sparse imagery predates any human representation he’s ever seen. The glowing water from the fountain magically heals all wounds, and the explorers rests and recover from their battle before pressing on.

Delving deeper into the tunnels, they encounter a hallway covered in blood-red writing that twists and squirms of its own accord, and emits a faint whispering sound. The adventurers put on the cultists’ necklaces of eyes and pass through the hallway, only to enter a large dark room beyond. The darkness in the room seems almost alive, and attempts to envelop every creature that enters, draining their life. Fighting past through the room of darkness, the adventurers press on into a large room with a giant golden eye set into the wall. Cultists attack, but these cultists have become something inhuman. Some have two heads, while others had clawed their eyes out and attacked with whiplike tentacles and maddening whispers. The adventurers defeat the cultists and wrest the giant eye out of the wall, where they find a tunnel going even deeper.


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