Shattered Spine

Session 12

Death in the Ghoul Caves

Returning to the dungeon below, Ro-Jan, Wetface, Unikanga, and Netti, delved deep into the labyrinthine tunnels of the flesh-eating ghouls. Tekil fell first, and Mika shortly after, and deep in the darkness as wave after wave of monsters attacked on every side, Ro-Jan and Wetface were torn apart.

Netti and Unikanga fought back and pushed deeper into the tunnels, where they encountered the ghoul king, a fat and bloated creature on a towering pile of bones. The creature was flush with the blood of its victims, and it crawled down from its skeletal throne to attack the intruders. Netti and Unikanga were paralyzed by fear and the wave of decay that overpowered them, but the fought back, slashing at the creature until it died in a fountain of blood.

There among the hundreds of bodies, the two adventurers found a hoard of valuables: arms and armor, gems and coins of the countless victims hoarded in the deep caverns of the ghoul king.


sethnwhite sethnwhite

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