Shattered Spine

Session 11

Into the Ghoul Caves

Unsure of the number of cultists below and any threats still in the camp, the party splits up — one group tending to the wounded and guarding the ship while the other group explored the tunnels beneath the tower.

In the tunnels below, the adventurers discovered a blockaded tunnel that led into a vast cavern, choked with the smell of death and decay. As they entered the cavern, creatures skittered at them: pale gaunt creatures with staring eyes crawling fast on their hands and feet, clawing and scrabbling. They lashed out with red claws, biting and tearing, killing Simone instantly and badly injuring many in the exploring party. With the ghouls dead, the survivors retreated to their camp, determined to delve deeper into the tunnels


sethnwhite sethnwhite

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