Shattered Spine

Session 16

Return to the Crab Caves

After returning to Taha Pari, the explorers gathered in the village square to discuss the glowing clouds above the lighthouse and the crab caves, and decided to return to the tunnels by the beach. Arriving on the beach, the party discovered spiked heads set in the sand, but this time they were the heads of crabmen and a black flag was waving amongst them. Pirates had landed here and entered the caves while the adventurers were on the southern side of the island.

The adventurers strapped parts of the etched crab shells to their bodies to bypass the magical barrier across the cave entrance, and entered the caves. There they immediately found the bodies of several pirates being eaten by two large crabs. Ni’moy and the pirate Barbary Ann calmed one of the giant crabs, and it followed along behind them. Retracing their path, the explorers entered the crabmen shrine, battling five crabmen. The walls there were still etched in the same silver glyphs and the silver eyes watched the movements of the intruders. The cascade of sand beyond the silver gate of eyes continued to flow. Kelp took the silver symbols from each of the three remaining crabmen (two fled through the gate).

Wounded, the party retreated to the village to plan their next move.


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