Shattered Spine

Session 13

Spawn of the Staring God

Hauling treasures from the ghoul caves back to the ship, Netti and Unikitty describe to Bagoyd and Snapshot the horrors they encountered deep in the bowels of the earth, and the awful fate of Ro-Jan and Wetface. Determined to uncover the mysteries beneath the lighthouse and liberate the cultists’ treasures, the four returned to the dungeon below.

As they explored the ancient temple below, each chamber grew stranger. A hidden shrine to an ancient sun god with a fountain that glowed as bright as midday, a hallway etched with bloody words that glowed red and shifted and squirmed of their own accord, a room with a deep and malevolent darkness that chokes and stifles the living, a twin-pupiled golden eye that watches all with its cold gaze. And creatures beyond imagination: short, twisted and hunched men with four arms and two heads that gibber with madness, and a skinless, eyeless creature with tentacles that lovingly caress and sculpt the bodies of its victims.

The explorers defeated the foes, through cunning and force, and pried the golden eye from its moorings, to discover a tunnel descending into the earth, but this tunnel was alive and fleshy, like a great hollow vein in the stone wall.

Characters: Bagoyd, Netti, Snapshot, Unikitty


sethnwhite sethnwhite

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