The Shattered Spine

In the hot tropics and swirling seas of the Far East, two great powers wage war. This is a war not only for the great riches of the New World, but for the future of the hearts of men. Religious war has torn the Empire apart, even as it expands into the mystical East. The Thousand Gods of the Islands howl with whipping winds, and belch forth smoke and fire and pestilence. And deep in the cold abyss, a Chained God stirs, poisoning the sea with blood and hate.

This D&D game is set in a tropical archipelago, in the midst of warring sea powers. Holy war has caused the Free Cities to declare independence from the Empire of God, and their war has spread to the far corners of the world. There will be pirates. There will be sea monsters. There will be cannibals and black magic. There will be pistols and sunken cities and sleeping gods.

Races and Cultures

The World


Religion and the Gods

Pirate Rules

Game Rules

The game begins with your characters shipwrecked on the tiny island known as Claw Island. Right now, your base of operations is the Tigalasi village of Taha Pari.

Shattered Spine

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